Just In: Aboslute Black Gravel Oval Chainrings


With around 100 miles since these Direct Mount Absolute Black Oval Chainrings came in im starting to notice the difference. Yesterdays ride was a fire lane exploration in we Forest park. This is one of the times when the oval chainring just clicked. On super steep muddy sections my pedal stroke was noticeably smooth and kept my wheel firmly planted and digging in. Even with out particularly knobby Schwalbe G-Ones.

I should also note, over the last 2.5 years ive been in Portland, I have had a bit of a hard time dialing in the perfect gearing for our logging roads of the coastal range and still work being practical around town. Im happy to say I am stoked on 38t up front with a 10x42 in the rear.

I need about another 400 miles on the oval rings before the full review, but so far the results are worth the cost, and much much much better than expected. So much so that I have even installed another Absolute Black oval ring on my Franco.

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