Review: Fabric Scoop Saddle


Let’s start this review with a bold statement. The Fabric Scoop saddle is most versatile saddle I’ve seen across all body (or booty) types. It should also be the starting point for all cyclists. I feel like a lot of saddle issues stem from saddles designed to look fast but not be functional. If everyone started here I doubt a lot of people would ever switch.

There’s just something about the shape, in combination with the perfect amount of flex in the shell. Now what’s even more crazy to me is the price point, coming in around $90 for the Ti railed Scoop Race Shallow it’s one of the most affordable out there. Having ridden a few options I will note that the carbon railed version is slightly stiffer across the board. I’ll let you head to their site for the shape/fit differences but basically the flatter the racier position your body should be in.

Now my favorite saddle is still the Fabric ALM but that’s a road saddle. The Scoop is my new go to in every situation. Look this review is short because the Scoop is simply the best bang for your buck period.

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