Review: Sinewave Cycles Beacon


Every year I choose a product of the year. The one that has impressed me most during testing and review. This year that award goes to the Sinewave Beacon. Sometimes when things are just really good the review becomes difficult. That’s kind of the case here. The Beacon is so good because it is just better thought out then other Dynamo lights.

Pushing 750 lumen at 13mph it’s easy to get enough speed to shine your way but even at 8-10 mph you have plenty of light. With a usb charger out the rear you can charge a Garmin or phone. No need for a wonky looking stem cap USB port anymore. With a power input you can run the light by external battery that you just charged up while riding. An endless cycle of awesome.

Other additional features are a super-capacitor that gives you a 5 min stand light after riding. Honestly this thing is about as flawless as a product gets in my eyes. There’s nothing I would recommend more, no negatives, simply awesome.

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