Do you get paid for reviews?

No, often times brands reach out to me to submit products for review. I then test the product and decide one of three options for it. 1: It is worth spending 4-12 hours drawing. 2: If its not good to review I will then provide feedback directly to the brand. I believe in giving brans opportunities to correct issues. Sometimes that could be user error, or just a one off defect. A bad review in that situation does no one any good 3: Good enough to be posted and photographed but not worth the time invested to draw.

Do you have Sponsors?

No. Well… maybe? I work with a lot of brands and some of them have become good friends. Those friends might kick me down a part here or there, but they never pay me for posting. I only take money to do design work


Can I send you our something for review?

Absolutely! Please reach out to me first though I run a pretty tight ship and getting stuff scheduled in is tricky. Also I have to be interested in the product and actually curious about it for this to benefit both of us.

Do you Still take on Freelance Projects?

Like above! Absolutely! Please reach out to me If the project sounds like fun and like I can provide value I will absolutely take it on, as long as my schedule allows.