Just In: Skratch Labs Anytime Energy Bars


My favorite nutrition for cycling is Skratch labs. From their hydration mix, to gummies to bars, they simply work. Their products are made from real foods, taste clean, have less sugar and are super easy for my body to break down while riding. That is kind of the key here, with cycling nutrition you need to find what works for you and not everything will. I can say that Skratch labs product would be a pretty smart place to start.

Skratch Labs just released 3 new bars (all but the new Parmesan Sun-dried Tomatoes and Black Pepper are vegan) Offering bars in savory and sweat allows you to have options when you are in the pain cave and your stomach isnt wanting anything. I do eat a plant based diet so I will not have the Parmesan but will be testing the other ones. Im curious if any of them will take out my current favorite, their Savory Miso! having already tried the raspberries and lemon, I will say it is my favorite sweet bar!