Review: Quiver Fabrications The Summit


If you were to ask me what level of cannabis smoker/consumer I am, I would probably say RIVAL. Now thats a SRAM component reference, meaning a bit higher than APEX but no where near a Red AXS. I do it for fun, to relax, sometimes to draw, sometimes to sleep, and other times to ride bikes on gravel for 100 ish miles. Im not an expert in marijuana. But if I know one thing, it is about product experiences.

The Quiver Fabrication Summit is their pinnacle product. It is a titanium beaker style bong designed specifically for a smooth, clean and flavorful hit. The summit comes in a super impressive wooden slide box and retails for $179.99. Before you question that price, it should be noted that Quiver offers a life time, no questions asked warranty on the Summit. They say “even if you accidentally run it over.” Making this the absolute last bong you will ever need to buy (unless you lose it). The Summit package also includes their Merapi Flower Bowl, a black silicone utility ring (carabiner attachment around the neck) and a heat band for around the bowl.

Now with a bong of this level I knew it needed to be reviewed with some cannabis at the same level of quality to thoroughly test it . LTRMN a local cannabis distribution company, stepped up to the plate to help out with such hard hitting illustrative, investigative journalism. Providing several strains, I was able to test the Summit with some of the best cannabis available. (As a large side note one of my favorite things about cannabis is the different effects that each strain can cause. Things from creative to euphoric or happy or concentrated. Dialing in what is good for you and what you honestly like is pretty crucial though. This is exactly how I explain this to anyone who doubts or challenges use with cycling. Indicas can help you settle in to a long day or climb and really let you focus, where as a sativa can keep the fun times going on a mellow group ride where speed and distance really doesnt matter….anyway).

From the first rip I realized the true value of this to a cyclist. The Summit takes maybe 2 oz of water, so very little from a bottle (ive heard ice cold mountain stream water is where it really shines though) is needed, The consistency of the pull was a real surprise. Super smooth with a consistent rolling bubble. Everything you would expect from a full sized piece, condensed into a super light portable and durable package. Two to three mild rips on this thing is all I need for a comfortable steady high suitable for nights on the couch watching movies or hours on end of monotonous pedaling. The next thing I want to mention is hand feel, though a pretty small item the Summit has an great hand feel. Smooth and rounded while being the right height, weight, and diameter to never make it feel cheap, or too small. It gives the feeling of quality and craft, enforcing the idea that this is a premium kit.

The craft of a bong is a weird thing to talk about. When the primary task of an object is to get you high it’s honestly never the craft of the smoking device that lets you down. With that said Quiver went beyond what you would expect and honestly leaves me wondering how the hell they made it. Seeing as I come from the product design world and watching some insanely high level bikes get made every day, thats pretty big.

Now lets talk about smoking or using while riding. This is all just my honest opinion, there is no science… Like all things in life, with careful consumption and smart usage, and moderation there is next to know danger. Taking a rip isnt being too stoned to ride. If done correctly it can make your rides, easier, more social, or help you set a pace for a big day. I guess my point is: Drinking one beer and enjoying it isnt the same thing as being drunk and smoking a little weed doesn’t mean you are a “stoner.” If you are a person who has self control I truly believe cannabis can enhance a lot of out door experiences. My one tip is always dip a toe in, test in controlled conditions with a bud.

If you trust me, The Summit is likely the last, and maybe the first bong you will ever buy…