Just In: Neat Cleats


Ive discussed my love of instagram before. As a “product person,” it is by far the quickest way to discover new gear, and that is exactly how I discovered Neat Cleats. I simply stumbled across them in the explore feed. To be honest, I was completely surprise by how practical such a simple product was. Here is my best example: I wear a size 12, a fairly big size. If I commute on a bike with flat pedals, I need to toss my cycling shoes in my back pack for the lunch ride. If I put my cycling shoes in my bag that’s basically all that fits. No lunch, no change of clothes, just shoes. Thats not a super efficient use of space. With Neat Cleats, you clip your shoe into the burly metal mount, then carabiner that to anything you can image. The top loop of your back pack, your race day bag, in your van, on your tote bag. For roughly $30 retail these things will make your life easier and more organized. Ive recently found with a pretty chaotic life small things to keep me more organized bring me a special amount of joy. Like most cycling accessories these do feature a bottle opener, which for sure isn’t needed but is a bonus when you realize you don’t have another on you. A bonus to this bottle opener is you can also strap your helmet through here. Available in almost all cycle cleat standards.