Review: Chrome Kadet


The buds over @chrome_industries have revamped one of my favorite bags, the Kadet. This time with a lighter weight aluminum version of their signature buckle. Below is my review of the original Kadet bag where the one complaint I had was the weight. I should also note I wouldn’t say the original was ever too heavy. So i just expect an excellent bag to be better.

The Kadet is a sling style messenger bag that retails for around $80. To really dive into the review, if you haven’t used Chromes iconic seat belt shoulder strap it is a breeze to use, I haven’t found a more enjoyable messenger style strap. It chinches tight quickly and easily, has a cross body stabilizer and is super quick to take on and off. The Kadet has a 9 liter capacity (10 ish cans of beers) with front zipper pocket, and a slotted internal divider on the inside. Perfect for your pocket knife or drawing materials. The bag isn’t light but its also not heavy, I’ve used it on 50+ gravel rides and now when I jam around Portland, tossing in my Fuji x-30, a tube, Ulock, pump, and a rain jacket.

When not on the bike I use this as my #dadbag We can carry all of #babycrumbs needs in it on a trip to the beach or a hike through the woods. The best part is it stays put on your back no matter what you are doing. This is so helpful when carrying a young child. Theres been numerous occasions when a backpack has slipped off a shoulder with a near miss to hitting a baby. That is simply impossible with this bag keeping your kids safe. I couldn't recommend this bag more for a cyclist or a new dad.

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