Review: Oakley Prizm Low Light Lens


I feel super lucky that people actually like and care about what I do here. It’s easy to hate on the internet, but the opposite is actually hard, it takes energy and thought. I put in a lot of time into this with the hopes that people might listen, and through this i can point you to some gear that is quality and worth your hard earned money. This year has started out with a bang, most recently @oakleybike sent me out some glasses to test (and a pre release ARO 5 helmet, more on that later). Talking with them about my needs really helped too, as over the last two years cycling has morphed for me. What used to be endless gravel miles has turned into commuting at dawn and dusk. Then 1-4 hrs of riding on the weekend. Sunglasses and blocking light isn’t really a priority at that those times, especially in the raining Portland winter. Oakley let me know that they had a new lens in development perfect for those conditions and were kind enough to send out a Prototype for me to test. This lens is the soon to be released Prizm Low Light. Designed to enhance contrast in low and artificial light conditions, while at the same time minimizing color shift. Now I’m not an optics expert but, I’ve tested a good number of glasses and lens in my time doing this. I can tell you this lens is crystal clear with no distortion. The lens is a light pink color and really does increase contrast at dusk and dawn without changing your surroundings to strange colors, a complaint I’ve had with other lens. This enhanced contrast is something clear lenses simply don’t offer, which were my old lens of choice. That enhanced contrast goes a long way on Portland roads where glass and general road debris are a big problem. If Oakley released this lens in a more casual frame, I can tell you I likely would have one pair of glasses for every situation. I could see this lens being a game changer for all parents, commuters, or riders with limited time and who can only get miles in early and late. I’m stoked on them. 

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