Cinelli Alter Stem - legacy?


Cycling, like baseball, really throws it’s heritage and history around. With how the world progresses in its beliefs, it's sometimes hard to put your finger on how you feel about the past. Let's look at one of cycling most recent examples, the infamous "interbike socks". I, like most decent human beings, think the objectification of women is wrong. Cycling has had a long running problem with how it treats women and only recently have we seen some progressive changes. I do think the designers goal on the sock was to use the imagery as a symbol of Las Vegas, they really missed the mark though, and could have picked any number of symbols for the city.

Now let's rewind to 2002, when probably the most famous cyclist on earth, Mario Cipollini, taped a naked photo of Pamela Anderson to his stem. How would the world today react to that if say Cavendish did it? How does that change the perception of the Cinelli Alter stem in general? I tend to always try and promote positivity but I'm really not sure here. I'm not a fan of pin up art, but i understand its role in the context of art. I'm just curious as a whole, do we treat these as heritage and a collectors item, or if it's wrong now should we just forget about it and move on, like that one Lance guy?

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