Just In: Hiplok Z Lok Combo


Im gonna fire this post off with a bold statement, the best security for your expensive bike is to never lock it up. PERIOD… What I mean by that though is never let your bike out of your sight. There will be times no matter what bike you are on that you just might have to pop in some where for a brief second. So, what do you do on those occasions? You could add 5 pounds of U-Lock to your bag, jersey, or pocket every-time you ride, or you can get a Hiplok Z Lok Combo. This is the lightest (80g) and most packable combo “security tie” I have found. It’s not designed to keep your bike safe for a long time outa site but it is perfect to run into a convenience store and grab a Coke, some gummies and any other snacks you need after bonking. It protects from grab and go thieves. Which really brings me to my point, with time and the right tool almost all locks can be compromised. While there are others like this, the thing that I think sets this apart is there are no illusions here, they lowered the security so they lowered the weight all the way down to make it as light and safe as possible in they most minimal package. Another bonus is you get to set your own combo and these things can be daisy-chained to make a longer lock. Coming in at $24.00 they wont break the bank at all.

IF you really want to take this concept to the max, the Hiplok Z Lok is nothing more that a reusable, dual pin locking, steel reinforced zip tie. It’s strong extra light (20g light), and only cost $12.00 (for one or 2 for $20). These things are life savers for the family. If a restaurant is too small to take a stroller in we use them, to lock it up outside. If you have to pop into a store with your bike on the car rack these are quick and easy. These also work well to tie your helmet to your bike, they can be hung right off your belt loop for transportation and not even be noticed