Just In: Oakley Sutro


When I got the word about the Oakley Sutro I was pumped, finally a pair of performance sunglasses design like life style shades. Literally the best of both worlds. I started with the grey frame and Prizm Low Light lens. The Low Light lens was developed for indoor motocross to increase contrast under the poor lighting conditions. Where I think this lens shines though is commutes. Both in the early light of the day and under the sunset these things really work and make even the smallest road debris pop out. The Sutros retail for $163 and are a pretty large pair of sunglasses. They are light, comfortable and vent well. There is one issue though and that is that the lens is fixed. So finally my favorite pair of glasses, where I don’t feel like robocop while wearing them, but now I have to get a pair for road riding in the bright Portland summer sun. More to come one these!