Around Town: Get What You Get Tattoos at Historic Tattoo Portland.


The idea is simple, you pay $100, put a token into the gumball machine and what ever pops out, boom thats the tattoo you get. Theres one rule You Get What You Get. For me the idea was even more simple. Jenn from work won a free GWYG tattoo, not being the type for permanent random tattoos, she passed it off to me. That sealed the deal. I loved the silliness, and the randomness. I looped in Jim from the shop and a plan was made, we were both going to get random tattoos.

What I love about this is Historic Tattoo has taken away all of the annoying bullshit in tattoos. There’s no meaning, no thinking just fate. Even the spot where you put it is largely dependent on what you get. You have the option of outline, black and grey, or full color. For $100 that pretty crazy compared to most shop minimums. Especially when you see the size of the one I got. Once I turned the knob got my weird sailor wolf/coyote dude, I said “go nuts with the color if you want”. Brad Delay who did my tattoo was happy to get rad with it.


If you want to bump up your gamble they have a deluxe version for $200 which is basically double the size and a tattoo plinko. If you want to see what some other options are for random tattoos Historic does a great job of documenting these, Historic’s IG Page.

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