Review: Spurcycle Key Clip


Lets be for real for one second. The phrase EDC (every day carry) is dumb. Every new modern knife, pen, tool, tire lever is not a EDC, when few of those items you would actually tote around every day. The Spurcycle Key Clip is one you will. To me an EDC item has to check a few key boxes. 1: When you are carrying it you forget about it. 2: When you use it, you actual have to enjoy it. For me the number one item I can think of that describes exactly that, are Paul Skewers. Aesthetically beautiful, never thought about when riding, but when you get a flat they actually make you forget the negative aspect of actually having to deal with a flat. For me the Spurcycle Key Clip is another on of those items that fits that description. This thing is light, 20g light. So light when you pick up your keys they actually feel lighter with it on.

Let me back up one step, you see what sent me down the EDC path of thought was my cheap carabiner that I have had for around 8 years now finally broke beyond repair. The thing is for the last 5 years it wouldnt close all the way, my keys have fallen off of it more times than I can count and even 2 weeks ago my house key fell off and was lost for days. When I was going to replace it I immediately thought, head to amazon, buy a pack of 10 for $8. Fully knowing they are garbage and would annoy me on a daily basis. When that realization finally hit me, it was time to try and find one that will hopefully last longer and provide no negatives.

The Spurcycle Key Clip is $40.00. About the price of 45 cheap aluminum carabiners. I would argue that its equally as simple. The difference is though the materials were thought about and it was designed with intent. Light, strong and aesthetically pleasing you get all three. The clip portion is strong and snappy so I dont picture it wearing out anytime soon. It even has a bottle opener (so if you carry an EDC bottle opener it will be a tad redundant).

If you want to feel like an adult and actually buy a item that should last your lifetime or more. Get this, and stop buying shitty carabiners that will end up in the dump in a few years.

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