Review: The Copenhagen Wheel


The Copenhagen Wheel is an eAssist wheel that you can retro fit on most style of frames. Available in both 26" and 700c wheel sizes. The best way to describe its feeling is, it simply amplifies your power output. You get no juice if you arnt putting power to the pedals.

I want to really start this with my beliefs...1 more people on bicycles is always better. 2 eBikes have no place on trail with the exception of riders with disabilities, where permitted. On the road or commuting I see them as fair game always with one simple rule, just don't be a dick. It's really pretty simple.

I have used my Copenhagen wheel as car replacement since the day I got it. My daughter has been dropped off to school everyday since we moved in August, by bike trailer. Rain or ice, cold or warm, this wheel has seen it. Our commute is a staggering 4 miles each way. But with a 2 year old who was recently potty trained, It's nice to be able to really go fast to get from point A to B. The tech in the app is super impressive and the amount of power the wheel can put out is equally impressive. Ill even go as far as to say it makes a bike stupidly fun. With the price point of $1500.00 USD thats big commitment on top of a bike. With a claimed 1000 charge cycle battery I do worry about the value. Quick math tells you that with 1000 charges and a 30 mile max you get 30,000 miles which equates to $3804.00 in gas money. But lets pause there, Ive been having battery issues so I asked the superpedestrian team to check it out (the wheel has a self diagnostic system so their engineers can analyze any issue without having to send a wheel in, so damn smart). Ive been running turbo mode pulling a trailer and I do have some hills on my ride. To compound all of that I'm also pushing more watts through the wheel then intended so its constantly running harder than designed too (not bragging it’s actually what they diagnosed part of my problem being). Ive been getting around 12-14 miles per charge. Switching it standard mode and not mashing so hard has brought the battery life back up to as advertised, All in all the Copenhagen wheel can be a game changer, I would just note its a different mind set then that of a pretty serious cyclist.

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