Review: Snek Lifeboat Tire Levers


My friends Snek are known for their quality products. They launched a kickstarter for their latest project, the Lifeboat Tire Lever. It was successfully funded and I just received my official set. Before the Kickstarter launch I received an early sample and got to check them out for awhile. They truly are better then than the old gold standard Pedro’s.

Having a valve core remover on a lever is great ( i always lose the little park tools ones). If you have ever tried to remove a tire from a hookless carbon Enve rim with a cheap plastic lever you will know why the metal core on these is so important. Especially if you have them weak ass computer hands like I do. You missed you change to fund the project and get in at $16 for a set of levers and this fun little doodle I did. But they are now readily available for $25 and are well worth the price.

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