The Bougie Boys of Cycling

The side hustle of Crumbs, the Bougie Boys of Cycling are the fat cats of cycling with two goals; make rad one off custom things, and to poke a little fun at cycling sometimes serious, sometimes jokes, most of the time we don’t even know. The Bougie Boys bring together painters, designers, and makers of all kinds to produce one off “grail” items.

***The Bougie Boys of Cycling welcomes all people including women, people of color, sexual minorities, transgender and non-binary athletes, despite the word “Boys” being in our name.


Grail ONE

Oakley Frogskin Lites


Oakley Frogskin Lites, painted in a sick industrial grey- green pearl. Painted by Lucas Strain.


Grail Two

Bougie Boy Blend Coffee


Stumptown hooked us up with a small batch of Bougie Boy Blend. Act fast to get a bag.