Allied Alfa Allroad Sprinkler Hunter ™️

Hey, I love bikes, all bikes. It’s not a problem. But im curious every-time I see something new and different. How does that ride? How does that feel? The only reason this build came about was I was “carbon curious”. Having never owned a modern carbon bike I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

Lets get the paint outa the way. Living in Portland I ride in the rain… a lot. It is just a fact of life here. With that said it really bums me out every time. So much so that I wanted to design something to bring me a bit of joy during the wet months. Inspired by Hot Wheels Color Racers from the late 80s I wanted a bike that changed color when wet.


The way the thermo-cromatic paint works is pretty simple anytime the surface temperature of the bike is above 72º the bike is solid reddish/pink. When it dips below that that red layer turns transparent and shows a separate paint job underneath. The base coat on this was a white with ton of holographic flake in it. Giving the bike two very different looks.

A full illustrated review is coming on this thing but for now I just wanted to share the build:

Frame: 58+cm Allied Alfa All Road

Groupset: Sram Red eTap Wifli

Saddle: Fabric ALM

Stem: Zipp Service Course SL OS Carbon.

Seat Post: Zipp Speed SL Carbon

Bars: Zipp Service Course SL 70 Carbon

Wheels: Shown below with Enve AR 4.5 w

Hubs: Chris King R45